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"Officiating Basketball and Football in Hillsborough and Pasco counties Florida"

Executive Board

Office Name Photo Term
President Rodney Dickerson 01/01/2017
VP Basketball Dave Queen 03/01/2017
VP Football Greg Kaiser 01/01/2018
Secretary Larry Rothermel   Appointed Annually
Basketball at large Larry Rothermel 03/01/2018
Football at large Kim Mowrey 01/01/2015
E.E.O. Chairperson Holly Russ Appointed Annually
Treasurer and Fingerprinting Thom Powers Appointed Annually

Basketball Sports Committee

Office Name Photo Term
Vice President Dave Queen 03/01/2017
Sports Rep Reggie McNeal 03/01/2017
Sports Rep Walt Markwas 03/01/2018
Sports Rep Matt Geer 03/01/2018
Sports Rep Marcus Williams 03/01/2017
Booking Commissioner - Arbiter Carl Erickson Appointed Annually
Assistant - Booking Commissioner Nolan Padgett Appointed Annually
WCOA Cameraman Sean White Appointed Annually
Audio Technician Victor McKenzie Appointed Annually

Football Sports Committee

Office Name Photo Term
Vice President Greg Kaiser 01/01/2018
Sports Rep Jerome Ford 01/01/2017
Sports Rep Marty Palenik 01/01/2017
Sports Rep Harold Greenfield 01/01/2018
Sports Rep Richard Birdsong 01/01/2018
Booking Commissioner Ken Calhoun Appointed Annually
Asst. Booking Commissioner Hank Weil Appointed Annually


Updated 11/16/2015

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