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All football presentations for meetings, rules,  mechanics,  training meetings and other materials are now available only on the football protected page.  This includes the latest flag football information



The Football Official's Evaluation Form is to be used for all levels of games (varsity, JV and youth).   It is located under the "Official's Evaluation Form" tab above along with an explanation of the categories of the evaluation.


Please see the new WCOA Emergency Action Plan and WCOA Social Media Policy which have been added to the policies tab above.


TBYFL rules are available under the league rules tab above.


Please remember to keep your Arbiter availability up to date to avoid receiving fines and being assigned games that conflict with your schedule.


All officials MUST confirm your game assignment with the game referee no later than 48 hours prior to game time. Individuals who fail to do this are subject to being removed from their game assignment.


For all varsity crews, The Arbiter Penalty Report and the Hospitality Game Management Report MUST be completed no later than 72 hours after the game is completed. The Arbiter Penalty Report is found under the "Schedule" tab on the Arbiter web site.  The Hospitality Game Management Report is found under the "FORMS" tab on the main WCOA  webpage.


Evaluation Challenge Procedure added to Policies link (9/13/15)




  If you are a new official wishing to join WCOA Football, please go to the "Join the WCOA" tab on the main webpage and then click on the "FOOTBALL REGISTER" link found on that page.




5/2/2016 Jefferson HS, Monday 7:00 PM WCOA Tackle Football Meeting - New 2016 NFHS Rules
5/14/2016 Hillsborough HS (Scrimmage Locations - TBA), Wednesday 8:00 AM - 5:30 PM. FHSAA Football Field Clinic
The West Coast Officials Association will be hosting a FHSAA Football Field Clinic on Saturday May 14th at Hillsborough High School starting at 8am. Participation in a FHSAA Football Field Clinic is mandatory every four years to remain eligible for playoff selection by the FHSAA. Most of you will have your eligibility expire this year and are due to attend a FHSAA Football Field Clinic, thus the reason the WCOA hosts this year.
You can now sign up for the clinic on the FHSAA website at the following link
This is an all day clinic as required by the FHSAA and must run for 9.5 hours. It includes both classroom and on field training. Your attendance and participation is monitored at each stage through the clinic.


The 2015 NFHS Football Part 2 exam has been added to the "Quizzes" tab above. You can also find all past Part 1 exams from 2008 to present on that page.


Please reference the meeting and scrimmage attendance found on "Attendance" Tab above to confirm the statistics regarding your individual attendance are correct.


Scrimmage Attendance Sign-In sheets can be found on forms tab on the main WCOA webpage.


Varsity officials evaluation scores can be found on the  protected section.


The election procedure can be found on the Policies Tab above.


Board minutes  through 01/25/2016 posted under Board Minutes tab above.

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