Seventh Annual WCOA 3-Crew Camp

           USF June 11 - 12    2005


VP Alan Reed opens the Saturday camp session

The campers on an early Saturday morning

The clinicians, also on an early Saturday morning

Sherri K. with Peter A. on the side

Camp director Ed Sidlasky

Ed reviews the Friday sessions

Ted Brown critiques Ed's artistic endeavors

Ed introduces Coaches Marcum(USF), Reinhart (Berkley Prep), Mackey (Newsome)

The coaches dialog with Ed

Coach Marcum enlightens the members with humor, anecdotes and what college coaches look for in officials

Coach Reinhart, informs the members that the WCOA is one of the best if not the best high school officials organization he has experienced.

Delton Hayes observes tha action

Mike Walters as the 'T' observing the play in his secondary

Delton starts his sprint as 'T'

Ron Bitz in the 'T' position

The big court

The Sundome with Ted White observing the action

Delton discussing plays and responsibilities with Ed Sidlasky

Mike Baker as "L" in a lull in the action.

Les Nichols as 'C' observing the action, ready for a call if necessary.

David Tiberia during a time out

Peter Allotta critiquing the officiating

Ted White with the officials on the Sundome court, providing points of wisdom

David Bell, of PAR, walking to place the ball in play.

Chris Stambaugh, PAR, observing the action as 'C'

Jerome Smith with the call and the direction.

Mike Hegarty writing down ratings of the court officials.