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This form is used for online Football JV and Youth Evaluations.  A copy of this form will be submitted to all football board/committee members as well as the two booking commissioners. Please direct any questions to them. There is a PDF copy of the evaluation form to take to games, then enter the information in the appropriate areas in the online form. You will receive a copy if you enter your emails correctly.


Downloadable hardcopy Evaluation form to take to games - Football JV/Youth Form

Examples to assist the evaluator - all fields must be completed

Please list things the official did to impress you ex - John asked questions and showed an interest in improving his officiating. He had very good mechanics overall and hustles well.
Please list things the official needs to work on. ex. John needs to work on penalty enforcements and review the all but one principle. He also needs to be a little crisper on his signals. 









Updated 9/14/2014