Hillsborough County Public and Private  Hospitality-Game Management & Sportsmanship Report  
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Hospitality/Game Management
Did administrator greet you and direct you to the appropriate facilities? Were you provided a private, secure location to park?
Were you provided with a secure dressing room which afforded privacy? Were you provided with private shower facilities?
Was hot water available for showering purposes? Was water or sport drinks provided at intermission and/or appropriate times?
Did school officials or security escort you to and from facilities at pre-game, intermission and post game? Did the game administrator introduce themselves and indicate their location prior to game time?
Did you receive game payments approximately 90 minutes prior to game time in dressing facility? Were there any field maintenance or safety issues that need to be addressed?
Was a sportsmanship announcement made by the P.A. announcer? Did your crew experience a need to issue a sideline warning or penalty?
Team receiving side line warning if issued? Comments on Side Line Warning
Please indicate complimentary remarks or any pertinent comments for follow-up activity

Please rank sportsmanship by the home team coaches and players
Please rank sportsmanship by the visiting team coaches and players

Please add any comments pertaining to the sportsmanship.


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