Evaluation Challenge

Varsity Games Only


The referee or their designee must turn in the evaluation form with the first 3 columns completed in a timely manner. (If it is not turned in by the completion of the evaluation by a member of the committee, the scores for these columns will be zero.) This portion of evaluation can not be challenged.


Must be done within 10 days of evaluation


1.    An official must request via email to their referee to review the play(s) in question. The email must include the following info:

A.   Teams

B.   Date of the game

C.   Play number(s) in question from HUDL (or the television broadcast)

D.   Reason they are questioning the play

E.   Specific rule/mechanic regarding the play(s) they are questioning (must include the page # for the rule/mechanic, section and sub-section). May also use the case book and include the specific information from the case book.


2.    The referee reviews the play(s) in question

A.   The referee reviews all documentation from the email received from the official

B.   The referee advises the official via email as to his/her opinion/decision based on the review


3.    If the official decides not to challenge play after the review by the referee, then the challenge is over


4.    If the official decides to proceed with the challenge:

A.   The referee will forward the email stream including his/her response to the official regarding his/her review/decision to the Evaluation Committee Chairperson

B.   The challenge will be assigned on a rotating basis to a member of the Evaluation Committee, who will review the play(s). It will not be assigned to the evaluator who originally did the evaluation that is being challenged.

C.   The final decision is sent via email to the official and the referee from the Evaluation Committee Chairperson

1.    If successful, the evaluation will be corrected

2.    If unsuccessful, there will be an additional 3 points deducted from the evaluation


5. If an official disagrees with the decision of the Evaluation Committee:

A.   The official must send a request to the Football Sports Committee (board), via email addressed to every board member, within 5 days of the decision made by the Evaluation Committee

B.   The official must include all the emails involved in the challenge along with the original documentation

C.   The board will review the emails, the documentation from the official and the play(s) in question


6.    If the challenge is successful

A.   The evaluation will be corrected


7.    If the challenge is denied

A.   The board will send an email to the official, referee and Evaluation Committee Chairperson

B.   The official will have an additional minimum deduction of 5 points from the evaluation. The board can deduct more than 5 points if they deem it appropriate.