Minutes for 9/28/2015 meeting at Jefferson High School Auditorium

Board members in attendance – Matt Geer, Ella Coffee, Reggie McNeal


1.      Meeting opened my VP Dave Queen at 07:02 PM, with silent prayer for members suffering loss or family illness.


2.      Board member Marcus Williams is not in accordance with WCOA bylaws and will be absent from all WCOA activities until he is back in compliance.


3.      Matt Geer will replace Dan Willis as a sports committee member and will be board liaison for the evaluations committee.


4.      Reviewing last week, question was raised by DQ regarding topics discussed at last meeting, and reminded officials that they are responsible for topics discussed at meeting as the minutes are posted on the WCOA web site.


5.      Nolan Padgett and Carl Erickson scheduling


a.      Both reiterated that it is the responsibility of the membership to have their Arbiter records in order prior to the first assignment in order to be scheduled games.

b.      Officials who have not worked this season have an opportunity to register for YMCA or other non-FHSAA games by contacting them.

c.       The first varsity games will be pre-season girl’s tournament games on 11/2 – 11/7, which will be a light booking.

d.      The first regular games will start on 11/9


6.      Executive board


a.      Met and decided that each sport’s member-at-large would be responsible for presenting a 10 question survey, anonymously, to that sport’s membership regarding their satisfaction with the current committees including the executive board.

b.      Jeff Albers, the basketball member-at-large will send emails to each member and requests that the survey is completed by Friday 10/2 to allow the survey to be tallied.


7.      Training

a.      DQ presented a training question to the members

b.      Training Topic: Is This a Backcourt Violation? - Training Committee
              Please be prepared to discuss (9-1-1) - Team A is given a throw in at the foul line extended in their front court. A1 properly throws the ball onto the court.  The ball is tipped by B2 and then tipped by A2 into the backcourt.  A2 recovers the ball in the backcourt.  The official calls a backcourt violation.  Is this correct?

c.      Much discussion went on and it was decided that this was a backcourt violation based on Rule 9.9 in the casebook

d.      Walt Markwas has returned and will assist with the training committee

8.      Evaluations and HUDL

a.      The evaluations committee will try to have the coaches use HUDL to provide film to allow officials to be evaluated as football does

b.      One problem is the schools finding someone who will be responsible at the school to actually do the filming.

c.      Another is actually having the equipment available at the school

d.      A suggesting from WCOA President Rodney Dickerson was for an official to have someone film them for the evaluations committee to use for that official’s evaluation.

e.      The evaluations committee has increased in size from 5 members to 10 members to allow for additional evaluations

9.      Clinics

a.      This will be the WCOA half day clinic, which is mandatory for all WCOA basketball members without a valid excuse from the basketball sports committee.

                                                              i.      A valid excuse will not affect a person’s basketball schedule

                                                            ii.      A non-excused absence may have an effect

                                                          iii.      If any official wants to be evaluated, please contact Matt Geer or any member of the Evaluations committee in order to be scheduled.

                                                           iv.      This part of training will start at 07:30 AM and close around 12:30 PM

b.      This will also be an authorized FHSAA state clinic, which is a great time to get certified as eligible for state playoffs. The next year’s clinic will not be this close to Hillsborough County.

                                                              i.      Members who wish to attend the state clinic must register with the FHSAA on their web site and pay the fee.

                                                            ii.      This clinic will have several local coaches in an open forum to allow the coaches and officials to interface which tends to break down the barrier between them.

                                                          iii.      The FHSAA clinic is scheduled to begin at 08:00 AM and close at 06:00 PM.

                                                           iv.      The deadline to register for the FHSAA clinic is 10/10.

10. Register

a.      WCOA members must register with the WCOA by 9/28 of incur a fine for late registration

b.      Members must register with the FHSAA by 9/30 in order to not incur a late registration fee..

11. Refpay

a.      Some members have concerns or questions about Refpay

b.      DQ initially addressed this by confirming that this was something the majority of the officials wanted, as decided prior to the season

a.      A major concern was what if the official did not want an outside vendor getting access to their bank account by the direct deposit option.

b.      The other methods require the official to pay and additional amount if they wanted either a written check or a debit card.

c.      If Refpay wasn’t completed on Arbiter, the official doing the former voucher game would not get paid.

d.      Refpay at this time does not affect Hillsborough Public schools, only private and Pasco schools.

e.      After much discussion, the best way to satisfy the concerns was to get one check at the close of the season which would minimize the expense to the officials.

12. Close

a.      The weekly raffle was conducted with several members winning prizes.

b.      An announcement was made that if an official in attendance who did not sign the attendance sheets would be considered absent

c.      The meeting was closed at 8:16 PM


Scribe – Jim Eckler