Minutes for 9/09/2015 meeting at Jefferson High School Cafeteria/Gym


Board members in attendance – Marcus Williams; absent – Ella Coffee, Dan Willis,  Reggie McNeal


1.    Meeting called to order 07:06 PM, originally scheduled for the gym which was occupied until 07:30, so held in the cafeteria in conjunction with a training meeting with the new official’s class.

2.    VP Dave Queen explained how the training portion of the meeting would be held in the gym, with members forming two teams, composed of basketball members, who would scrimmage for the new officials to allow them to be observed by the membership while mentored by the training committee.

3.    Carl Erickson and Nolan Padgett

a.    First booking for middle school announced but 20% declined, which is very high for a normal booking

b.    Although members were nor fined for middle school, they must get their Arbiter ready for the next booking, Friday 9/11, by making themselves available or not available for assigned games.

c.    If members do not attend any meetings by the time the varsity games are booked, their games may be removed.

d.    It is the member’s responsibility to get their schedule set by this time of the year.

e.    If members do not attend meetings, they have no knowledge of training, association changes, or discussion on rules which prevents them from being in tune with association policies.

4.    Thom Powers

a.    Officials must finalize registration and fingerprinting

b.    Books will be distributed to members who have paid FHSAA dues in the gym.

c.    Members must register with the FHSAA by 9/30 to avoid being fined by the state for late registration.

5.    Awards

a.    Dave Queen distributed awards from the FHSAA to several members.

6.    Raffle

a.    The meeting raffle was held with winners receiving varied prizes

7.    GYM – the membership adjourned to the gym for the scrimmage for the new officials and listened to the various comments and critiques from the training committee as well as members serving as a live crowd.


Meeting adjourned at approximately 08:45 PM


Scribe – Jim Eckler