Minutes for 8/10/2015 meeting at Jefferson High School Auditorium


Board members in attendance Reggie McNeal; absent Ella Coffee, Dan Willis, Marcus Williams



1.    Meeting called to order at 7:05pm

2.    Dave Queen spoke about field clinic to be held in Oct.

a.    Tony Sloan to cater clinic. He and his wife own Mission Barbecue

3.    Training for meeting was the proper way to call technical fouls and the proper administration

4.    Dave request to be texted info on technical that evening after game

5.    Fill out at6 forms for ejections

6.    introduced evaluations committee

7.    talked about middle school games

8.    mentioned ref pay

9.    talked about charity games the association will get involved in

10. meeting ended at 7:55pm


Scribe - Rick Schweikert