Table of Contents


S11. State Mandated Committees
S12. Game Assignments and Responsibilities
S14. Alcohol Policy
S16. Personal Appearance Guidelines
S17. Professional Behavior
S18. Things to Remember
S19. WCOA Bylaws
S20. Football Officiating Tips
S21. Guideline for Staying Out of Trouble
S23. Instructions to Chain Crew
S24. Instructions to Ball Persons
S25. Instructions to Clock Operator
S26. Overtime Procedure
S28. Signals
S30. When in Doubt
S31. NF 4-Man Mechanics
    D0. TOC 4
    D1. Pre-Game 4
    D2. Coin Toss 4
    D3. Free Kick 4
    D4. Short Free Kick 4
    D5. FG by Free Kick 4
    D6. Run and Pass 4
    D7. Scrimmage Kick 4
    D8. Field Goal or Try 4
    D9. Goal Line 4
    DA. Measurement 4
S35. 13 Rules for Rookies
S36. On Field Coaching