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Please remember that the use of these forms are for suggestions or comments only!


If you have a suggestion or comment regarding an improvement to WCOA basketball, please complete this form and your comment/suggestion will be submitted to the attention of the appropriate committee or the VP of basketball.


Please include specific details if you are commenting on any situation that you would like the basketball sports committee (board), the indicated basketball committee or the VP to address and you will receive a personal response if you so desire by indicating yes on the appropriate box.


Please do not use this form to request a meeting with the basketball board as there is a form for that.


Please ensure that you submit the correct form to the committee that can directly respond to your suggestion/comment.


Suggestions/Comments regarding WCOA rankings should go to the evaluations committee


Suggestions/Comments regarding Arbiter rankings should go to the basketball board/sports committee.


Suggestions/Comments regarding assignments should go to the assignments committee, which will include the booking commissioners. If you are questioning your assignments, please use the Request Board Meeting form on the basketball page.


Suggestions/Comments regarding WCOA education or training should go to the training committee.


Suggestions/Comments regarding WCOA playoff crews or qualifications should go to the recommendations committee





WCOA Rankings (evaluations committee) Board/Basketball Sports Committee (Arbiter ratings)
Assignments Training/Education




Updated 07/09/2013