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West Coast Basketball Committees as designated by the FHSAA handbook and the WCOA Bylaws.




Assignments: Board Liaison Reggie McNeal

Charter : Is responsible for reviewing the contest assignment procedure within the WCOA, ensuring compliance with requirements on officiating crew composition, reviewing the game assignments, and advising the Basketball Bookings commissioners of any possible adjustments that may need to be rectified prior to the assignments being published to the membership. This includes ensuring compliance with requirements on the composition of officiating crews, reviewing and approving each member official's schedule of assigned contests, and balance of assignments accordingly. It is not implied that the Assignment Committee is to make assignments.

Members - Mike Haggerty, Marcus Williams, Kirk Faryniasz, Tim Curtis, Ken Calhoun

Recommendations: Board Liaison Rodney Dickerson

Charter : Is responsible for reviewing regular season official's evaluations, compliance with the criteria established by the FHSAA and the WCOA regarding rank, attendance in the specified meetings, clinics and eligibility as based on prior performance in state series events as determined by the WCOA basketball board.  The committee will prepare a list of officials who will be recommended for State Series assignment and forward said list to the president of the WCOA as well as the basketball sports committee for review prior to submittal for approval to the FHSAA office. Officials on this list must have been approved by majority vote of the WCOA basketball members present and voting at a meeting announced for this effort, must be in good standing both with the FHSAA and WCOA, and must meet all applicable FHSAA/WCOA qualifying criteria.

Members - Jerome Smith, Holly Russ, Chuck Kindred, Jack Brown, Randy Sterns

Evaluations: Board Liaison -Matt Geer

Charter : is responsible for defining those qualified senior officials who are qualified and willing who shall assist with the evaluation of member officials within the association. It shall be the goal of this committee to ensure that each official with two (2) or more years of experience is evaluated, at least, once during the season and that each first and second year official is evaluated periodically during the season so that good officiating skills are developed, reinforced and rewarded by a submittal of a recommendation to the basketball sports committee that said official shall be promoted to the next ranking if deemed appropriate. First year officials will be evaluated periodically during the season, with mini-camps being offered as possible to re-enforce good officiating skills.

Chairman - Ron Barclay, Members - Kevin Toso, Bobby Payton, Jeff Albers, Josh Saunders, Pete Rodriguez, Jason Werle, John Capolino, Matt Geer, AJ Linden, Jeff Ulbrich, Vinny Grucza, Brian Damasiewicz

Grievance: Board Liaison  Denise L. Didley -Taylor

Charter : Is responsible reviewing complaints and appeals from association members through due process and will be conducted prior to a scheduled basketball membership meeting after be scheduled in advance in writing using the form available on the WCOA basketball web page. No individual grievance committee member will entertain grievances from members.    Member officials who have grievances because of penalties or fines may appeal under the provisions of the WCOA By-laws. The committee shall review each case and make a recommendation to the Basketball Board, which will approve it or if rejected, will be in a the form of a written notification signed by the vice president of basketball which may then be appealed to the WCOA executive board.

Members - Johnny Green, Rick Schweikert, John Richardson, Traquita Hartsfield

Education/Training : Board Liaison John Smith

Charter : Is responsible for establishing and scheduling new official orientation classes as necessary in order to acclimate and prepare new officials without prior affirmed high school or officials with higher basketball experience, which has been submitted to the WCOA basketball sports committee by said officials prior organization on the organization letterhead. This committee will develop and present training materials to the basketball membership at afore scheduled training sessions which are a requirement to qualify for post season play off tournaments as defined by the FHSAA. This committee shall be responsible for the coordination of all training exercises for beginning, new and current officials. This committee will solicit mentors from the existing senior membership to function as a 'big brother' to new officials to provide them a point of contact as well as a advisor on all basketball related functions or activities. 

Members - Mike Crosslin, Jerry Graeber, Marion Mathis, Stan Lewis


Association Committees

Elections Committee: Harold Lawrence, Brett Nehrt, Lamarr Simon 

Charter : Is responsible for all elections within the WCOA, including the solicitation of candidates for all available positions, the monitoring of nominations from the floor, the presentation of the candidates to the membership and the coordination of the election, both from membership voting in person as well as via absentee ballots. The committee will be responsible for the tally of the votes, both absentee and personal, and present the totals at the meeting in which the ballots are cast

Equal Opportunity Committee

Members  chair - Holly Russ, members - Debbie Albers, Ella Coffee, Marshall Dessalines, Greg Griffin, Ed Ortiz
Charter - If anyone has any feedback concerning for our approach to promote a non-discriminatory environment for all WCOA members regardless of sex, national origin, race, age, disability, religion or sexual orientation, including recruitment and advance of minorities and women, please reach out to Holly and members of the EOC. If you are comfortable, President Rodney Dickrson would appreciate hearing from you as well.

Events Committee

Members  chair - Dave Stone, members -Jeff Albers, Tony Sloan, Tracie Lowe, Earl Silas, Isiah Johnson, Tim Curtis, Sharon Dunaway-Alt,  Nancy Greenfield, Bruce Cox ,  Ryan Fitzfibbons
Charter - Composted of members for both association sports, is responsible for the planning,  set-up,  any member communications for any and all events involving association members, such as parties,  celebrations, banquets, outings or gatherings.

I/T  Committee

Members  chair - Jim Eckler, members - Matt Chipman, Bobby Cooper, Harold Greenfield
Charter - The purpose of the IT Committee is to research and identify new and more efficient ways to promote, maintain and keep our WCOA website up to date. This will include but is not limited to working with the webmaster to arrange the posting of the most current and accurate information to our website, maintaining our website design and functionality and working with other committees and reviewing their ideas for website inclusions. They will propose ideas to help facilitate keeping the website user friendly, current and relevant to the ongoing activates of the association by submitting proposals to the board for approval. The board will make its decision on the next steps leading to implement. The committee will be responsible for these and all other duties assigned by the Executive Board.

Finance Committee

Members  chair - Thom Powers, members - Tracie Lowe, Mark Marino, Aaron Pawlowski
Charter - The purpose of the Assistant Treasurer is to aid the WCOA Treasurer in his duties and serve as an apprentice for the possibility of assuming the duties of the Treasurer in the future. This will include but is not limited to drafting a budget, registration of members for yearly dues, financial recording, collecting booking fees from schools and leagues, paying officials, maintaining up to date fingerprinting on officials and obtaining Lawson numbers for members. The Assistant Treasurer will be responsible for these and all other duties assigned by the Executive Board.





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