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2015 half day clinic coaches session  2015 Half Day Clinic Coaches Session


2015 half day clinic training committee Rules presentation  2015 Half Day Clinic Training Committee Rules Session


The above tab All Basketball Rules, contains all rules information, including middle school, mouthpiece, Pasco middle schools, Berkley Prep Summer rules, SEBA summer rules and signals.


All basketball fees, including summer league game and assigning fees, are now included in the BB FEES page




Basketball Meetings

4/2 - 4/3 WCOA Candice Dupree Invitational officials training
This is a program to promote women officials through training and development. WCOA will also host a Three Man Camp June 10 & 12th which is mandatory for 3 Rated and Invited officials. Registration Fee of $25 for this Camp will count towards your $35 USF Camp Fee. We will also train new and upcoming officials. Registration form available on web site. Contact Dave Queen or Walt Markwas for details
 WCOA Candice Dupree Invitational officials training camp registration form
4/9 10:00 AM committee workshop members and those wishing to serve on Committees TBA
6/11 - 6/12 USF 3-crew camp required for all 3 rank officials
6/13 USF camp required for all new, 4 and 5 rank officials
TBA 2-crew camp for all new, 4 and 5 rank officials
11/5 07:30 AM Mandatory half day clinic  TBA





Ref Pay video available on main page of web site


If any member has a rules, game situation or any basketball question, please click Basketball rules or game questions.


Hillsborough county Varsity and  JV Mouthpiece rules  WCOA Mouthpiece


All Hillsborough County Public School teams playing on the road who are using WCOA officials, MUST wear their mouthpieces, per Laness Robinson.

A presentation of the FHSAA mandated 2-crew and 3-crew pre-game mechanics is now available under the Mechanics & PreGame link on the top right


Basketball Sports Committee Important Meeting minutes available under board meeting minutes 01022016


2015-2016 attendance sheet posted through 1/13/2016.


Membership Meetings minutes available under Members Meeting Minutes at top of page, last posted 02/01/2106

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