Mission Statement

Mission - To be the association of choice.

The West Coast Officials Association is dedicated to serving the sports of football and basketball in the state of Florida through the training and development of quality officials who will positively impact the sports in which they are involved. We aim to fulfill this mission by maintaining an organization that upholds the highest principles in supporting our members at every stage of their officiating career.

Vision - To be a premier officiating Association.

In cooperation with our partner leagues, teams and organizations, the West Coast Officials Association is committed to the ongoing process of elevating the standards of officiating through recruitment, education, mentoring, evaluations and accountability.

Values - To treat everyone with respect.

Our core values aspire to foster an environment of mutual respect among administrators, coaches, student and professional athletes, fellow officials and spectators in order to make every contest enjoyable for all involved.

Goals - To train officials to do their best.

It is the goal of the West Coast Officials Association to be the premier officiating association in the state of Florida through providing exceptional training, demonstrating outstanding rules knowledge, conducting ourselves with integrity, displaying the highest degree of professionalism and promoting exemplary sportsmanship.