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West Coast Officials Association (WCOA)

2013-14 Basketball Assignment Policies


Contact Information:  Nolan Padgett, Assistant Assignment Officer

Preferred method (non-emergency) is via e-mail:  

Emergencies (day of game situation) cell phone: (813) 789-6292


Contact reasons: Cancel an assignment, running late to game site, emergency at game site, unable to contact partner within 12 hours of game time.


Contact Information: Carl Erickson Assignment Officer


Cell Phone:  (813) 785-4634

Fax:  (813) TBA


Contact reasons: Unable to contact Nolan for any emergency situation




         When the schedule is published in the Arbiter, it is the responsibility each official to accept/decline each of their games by the “accept by” date.


         It is the responsibility of the umpire's to contact their referee around the 48-72 hour mark prior to game time to confirm the crew, location, time, travel plans, etc.


         If the Referee has not heard from his/her partners after the 48-hour mark has passed, then he/she is required to contact their partners(s). In short, please contact your partners!


         If your crew is not secure 24-hours prior to game time, then you must contact Nolan or Dave. Please do not call after 10:00 p.m. or prior to 8:00 a.m.


         If you need to turn back a game that you are scheduled for, you must contact Dave, preferably via e-mail. Any day of game or last minute cancellations, notify Nolan via cell phone (813) 789-6292.


         When you turn back an assignment, it is mandatory that you immediately contact the other partners of your crew to inform them that you have turned back the game.


         If Dave or Nolan add you to a game after the booking schedule has been printed, you must immediately contact your new partner(s) to notify them of this change regardless of whether you are the umpire or the referee


         Contacting your partner(s) may consist of e-mails or verbally via phone conversations or messages. Be certain that you receive a response from your partner(s).


         Failure to follow these simple procedures may result in fines. Repeated failure to follow these policies may result in further disciplinary action from the WCOA Basketball Board








Updated 12/22/2014