WCOA Football Board Meeting Minutes on 8/13/2015 at the Germany Library at 6:30 PM


Football Board Meeting called to order at 6:40 pm.


Dr. Greg Kaiser (WCOA VP of Football) Presiding:


1)      Mark Comer will be the Intramural Director at Baltimore University

a.       Jim Kelly will have to name another Back Judge or crew member for the 2015 season since Mark Comer accepted a job in Maryland.

b.      Dan Renfro will be a NIRSA Rules Committee Member and take over the Flag Training in 2016.


2)      Kenny Mascarinia wants to be listed as a Back Judge and removed from the wing position

a.       This requires a change to the Contest Assignment List & Alternate list.


3)      Jamie McMiller wants to Referee JV and be on Varsity Alternate list

a.       The board discussed this request and voted to allow his request.


4)      Richard McCluskey is representing a Jefferson coach in a divorce case

a.       Richard McCluskey is scheduled to the Jefferson @ Robinson on October 30th.

b.      This would present a Conflict of Interest for this game.

c.       After consulting with Richard, he stated this might be resolved before that game date.


5)      Varsity Schedule Changes:

a.       Bayshore Christian games have been added to the Varsity schedule.

b.      The TBA Cambridge game September 11th has been removed from the schedule.


6)      Possible Flag Football Catholic Youth Sports League being added in the spring

a.       Middle school girls (January March)

b.      Middle school boys (March May)

c.       We have requested more information regarding the number of games, crew size, rules, etc.


7)      Survey Monkey Members At Large

a.       The Executive Board asked that the At Large representatives take a more active role.

b.      Thus, WCOA Officials General Football Membership Survey #1 will be sent out to members.

c.       Additional surveys are pending regarding training and evaluations.


8)      Finalize Evaluations process Formal presentation during August 17, 2015 meeting

a.       Chairman Richard Birdsong will address the membership and explain the process.


9)      Finalize WCOA Documents:

a.       Crew List some changes needed.

b.      Contest Assignment List some changes needed.

c.       Alternates List some changes needed.


10)   Three Members came before the Board to discuss being added/repositioned on the Alternate List as Referees:





Rodney Dickerson (WCOA President) Present

Dr. Greg Kaiser (WCOA Football Vice President) Present

Richard Birdsong (WCOA Board Member) Present

Harold Greenfield (WCOA Board Member) Present

Marty Palenik (WCOA Board Member) Present

Jerome Ford (WCOA Board Member) Present

Ken Calhoun (Varsity/JV Booking Commissioner) Absent

Hank Weil (Youth Booking Commissioner) Absent


The next Board Meeting date will be announced at a later date.

Meeting adjourned at 8:50 pm.