West Coast Officials Association

Tampa, Florida

Officiating Basketball in Hillsborough and Pasco Counties, Florida


Hillsborough County mouthpiece rules

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"Mouthpieces are required at all times. Should a player be noticed NOT wearing a mouthpiece properly, the official(s) shall direct the player to leave the game until the next allowable substitution opportunity."

This means NO warnings. If the mouthpiece is in their sock or hanging out of their mouth, send the player to the bench. Do not give warnings for not adhering to this policy. Please mention this policy in your pre-game conference with the coaches and captains. The mouthpiece must be worn in the mouth, regardless of how a player may have altered it.

This is a policy of the Hillsborough County public high schools and does not apply to Pasco County schools or private schools in Hillsborough County, but any Hillsborough County Public School team playing outside the county and using WCOA officials, MUST adhere to this policy.







Updated 10/4/2015