Election Committee and Election Procedure




Election Committee

1.    Harold Lawrence

2.    Brett Nehrt

3.    Lamar Simon


Election Procedure


1.        Date to receive/close nominations: Football 9/14/15

2.        Date for elections: Football 10/26/15

3.        At least once, the membership will receive an email that indicates the nominations and election meeting dates. If a member cannot make the nominations meeting but has a desire to run for elected office, they should speak to a member of the Election Committee to accept their nomination from the floor by no later than the date of the nominations meeting.  This member interested in running can then be nominated by another member or the Election Committee can present the member’s name as a self-nomination during the nominations process.  This would still require a second by a different member, just as any nomination would.

4.        At the nominations meeting, the Election Committee will address the membership to announce the positions available for election and will open the floor to seek nominations. Members may self-nominate or they may nominate another member. As aforementioned in #3 above, if a nominated member cannot attend the nominations meeting, then the Election Committee would need to have heard from the nominee in advance or they will not be allowed to be on the ballot once nominations close.

5.        No sooner than the day following the nominations meeting, candidates may provide a one-page election letter/personal statement to the Election Committee and the webmaster for purposes of posting to the website for the membership to reference.


6.        Following the close of nominations, the Election Committee Chairperson will provide a ballot to the Executive Board in advance of the election date for approval. A write-in space will be provided for each position being elected so that members will have the option of casting a vote for a member not listed. All names listed on the ballot will be in alphabetical order for each office being elected. Approval from the Executive Board will be received before the ballots are prepared for use at the election meeting.

7.        Approximately two weeks of balloting will be conducted online via the protected section for absentee voting.  The window will close a full day prior to the Election Day for purposes of tabulating voting.  Example:  For a Monday meeting, online balloting ends Saturday at midnight.  Note: When two sports representatives are being elected, the online voting should allow members to vote for either one or two candidates, in case the voting member only desires to cast one vote.

8.        At the election meeting, the Election Committee will assume authority over  the election process and will address the membership with the list of candidates and explain the procedure:

A.      Candidates will have three minutes to address the membership.

B.      The Election Committee must have the list of absentee voters, including the verified votes that have been cast via absentee ballots, present at the election meeting. The Election Committee will    announce the total number of members who voted via absentee ballot.    The membership present at the election meeting should be identified as having voted through the absentee process or not. It is preferred that the voting population be seated in sections so that the balloting process can be properly administered. The members who have not previously voted will be counted and that number announced    to the membership.  That specific number of ballots will be distributed. When two sports representatives are being elected, the ballots should allow members to vote for either one or two candidates, in case the voting member only desires to cast one vote. Upon completion of the voting, the ballots will be counted to ensure the proper number of ballots is returned.  The Election Committee will secure all ballots (paper and absentee) and count them in a place visually apparent to the membership.  The ballots will be counted and the winners announced to the membership.  The ballots (paper and absentee) will be presented to the Secretary and the election will be considered certified.