2015 Middle School Specific Rules

A. Running clock - 20 minute halves; clock may be stopped last 2 minutes of the game.

  • Two 1-minute time-outs per half (clock stops).
  • Five minute halftime.
  • Four minute overtime if needed.

B. The NFHS basketball rules will be followed - including the tracking of personal fouls. The following exceptions to the NFHS rules will be allowed:

  • Rule 3 section 4 - uniforms
  • Rule 5 sections 5 to 11 - playing time and time-outs

C. Athletes may wear T-shirts as game jerseys. Shorts could be from their PE uniform or similar. Shirts will be numbered on the back.

  • Some numbers in basketball may exceed the number 5 due to the number of players and uniform limitations.
  • Mouthpieces are required.

D. Use two West Coast Officials as referees who shall receive $30 per game plus $10 travel.