WCOA 2005 2-CREW CAMP at St. Leo college

Camp Director Fred Verzone

Campers: Ben Flock-new, Tony Bush-New, David Flowers-New, Demitrus Jenkins-New, Josh Phelps-New, Blaise DeAngelo, Greg Wells, Earnest Penny, Stephen Medley, Todd Ferguson, Tim Lever, Thomas Skuklak, Dave Stone, David Tibera, Willie Larry

Clinicians: Tim Miester, David Fender, Jeff Bassell, Bob Huter, Herman Roberts, Bobby Payton,
Carlos Woosley, Nolan Padgett, Jon Decker, Alan Reed, Mike Hegarity, Jerry Graeber, Jack Brown


The instructors, a lively group this early.

Nolan provides wisdom to the class.

Jon reviews the contents of his official's bag, from which he could outfit several officials.

Jack imparts his outlook from his several years in the WCOA

The campers on Saturday

The other half of the campers on Saturday.

Tim Lever watches the action while Tony Bush listens to Nolan as he works the game.

Demetrius Jenkins observing the action

Thomas Skuklak in position as lead.

Josh Phelps,Fred Verzone,and Tim Leever observing while Nolan works with Demetrius Jenkins

Ben Flock as trail moving in to make the call.

Greg Wells being critiqued by David Fender

Nolan, Tim Leever, Fred, Josh Phelps and Jack Brown, observing with comments to the campers.

Jon Decker, David Flowers, Tony Bush, Fred, with Herman Roberts explaining techniques to Demetrius Jenkins

Fred explains factors of officiating to the campers.

Thomas Skuklak presents the ball to the free thrower.

Dave Stone in position as lead.

Dave Stone with the out of bounds point.

Greg Wells, David Flowers, Demitrus Jenkins, Nolan, Alan, and Jon, all observing.

Jack Brown and Bobby Payton, the old vet and the new vet.

David Fender, with Tim Leever as lead.

Stephen Medley has the count going on the ball handler.

Alan Reed and Joe Fenlon, an unusual off the court discussion.

Fred and Bobby, they went thataway